Martina Krajinović Gülsün

Martina Krajinovic Gulsun, owner of Kallos lash academy & studio and founder of Kallos Pro Lash Collection, professional eyelash extensions products.

One of the founders of lash extensions in Croatia, and a person responsible for the development of the "lash" industry, both in the Balkan countries and internationally.
She started her career as a beauty expert in her own beauty studio, but specialized in the field of eyelashes and eyebrows. She was a wanted top lash technician for a while, but she decided to change her focus to training and training on other technicians through the Kallos Lash Academy.
Through her experience in competitions, as a competitor and as a judge, she also organised the first competition in Croatia, the Lash Challenge, which, after several years, has reached international proportions and brings together the best judges from around the world.
Martina has won many international awards and recognitions, one of the last being a position in the TOP 3 lash INFLUENCER by choice of lash technicians and educators from around the world.
For the last few years, Martina's goal has been to produce the highest quality materials and to train lash technicians, not only in technical terms, but also in supporting their entrepreneurial activities. Through workshops, lectures, online lectures and support and various educations around the world, Kallos Academy prides itself on nearly 5,000 students.
Kallos has its affiliates and educators in several countries and has big plans to expand the number of its distributors.
There is a long list of countries where Kallos students come from: Mexico, Chile, Peru, Costarica, USA, Netherlands, Serbia, BiH, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Lithuania, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, United Kingdom ...
Martina is a highly respected lecturer and a keen-listening guest at conferences around the world, and in 2018 she published her first book "Eyelash extensions, from A to Z" , translated into several languages, which is the basis of every lash technician's knowledge.
This year, Martina went a step further and wrote a NEW edition.
The LASHBOOK, a continuation of the previous book, but now supplemented with advanced, recent information. If not, be sure to get your copy.
Martina will say that she is an educator and entrepreneur. Lately, mostly an entrepreneur, trying to successfully lead the team of people who make the Kallos brand. She graduated from gimnasium high school, cosmetics high school, college of economics and over 50 educations, seminars and congresses, which she attended.
Happily married, a mom of two and employed at a full speed.
"I stand behind everything that my brand represents, and I look for that kind of people in the team. I personally test every product when it comes to collections and supervise the work of salons, when it comes to clients. I have always loved fair play, professionalism, but also originality and creative expression. . I think I've found it all in my business and that's why I adore it. "