Kallos Lashes


The most requested treatment in recent years.
Extensions are perfectly safe if you allow us to adapt the treatment to your eyes and emphasize your natural beauty.
Classic extensions - 1 extension on 1 natural eyelash. Mascara effect.
Volume extensions - strands 2-6d on one eyelash. Thick, soft, black. It is possible to achieve both a full natural effect and a full mega volume.
Everything you want is possible, while taking care of the safety and health of natural eyelashes.


Lash lift is the curling or lifting of natural eyelashes, which visually lengthens them.
Brow lift is the softening and lifting of natural eyebrows, which gives the appearance of density, and enables the client to take care of her eyebrows at home.
We complete the treatment with eyelash and eyebrow dyeing and 3D filler, final care for natural hair.

Henna is a plant that has been used for years in Eastern countries to decorate the body.
Henna for eyebrows is available in 10 shades that shape your eyebrows, and the color can stay on the hair for up to 3 weeks.



Powder Brows Kallos

Semi-permanent method of drawing eyebrows. For all clients who want to fill in their eyebrows. For everyone who is not satisfied with the current shape. The Powder brows method leaves a natural, shadowy look, as if the eyebrows were filled in with eye shadow or pencil. Contact us for a consultation and together we will find a solution for your eyebrows.

Suffice it to say that you no longer have to look at your old eyebrows that have turned greenish, purple or red every morning. The laser treatment lasts 10 minutes, and the number of treatments depends on the intensity of the pigment on the eyebrows.

Polutrajna metoda iscrtavanja obrva. Za sve klijente koji žele popuniti svoje obrve. Za sve koji nisu zadovoljni trenutnim oblikom. Powder brows metoda ostavlja prirodan, sjenčani izgled, kao da su obrve popunjene sjenilom ili olovkom. Javite nam se za konzultacije i zajedno ćemo pronaći rješenje za Vaše obrve.   



A luxurious treatment for your skin. With microneedling, we provide deep nourishment and revitalization of the skin with a wide range of applications. Stimulation of collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin affects the effect of smoothing, hydration and depigmentation. Freckles, acne, scars, fine lines, tone - all these are problems that can be treated with dermapen / Microneedling treatment. Recommended course 3+1 free. The treatment is not recommended to be done in the sunny period between April and September. We perform this treatment with the best products on the transdermal care market - MESOESTETIC products.

The basic step of any skin care starts with classic mechanical cleaning and facial care. Peeling, opening pores under hot steam, massage, mechanical cleaning, disinfection, fluids, masks, creams... We recommend every woman to do deep cleansing and skin care at least 3 times a year.
We also have several other treatments such as waxing, pedicures, massages and much more.

Check our price list to see the full list of treatments we provide at Studio Kallos.

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