Russian Volume Course 2D-6D Technique

Kallos Volume EdukacijaRUSSIAN VOLUME COURSE, 2D-6D techniques

After mastering the classic technique, after the application 1: 1 does not present any problem anymore, you are ready for the course of the Russian volume (Hd volume, XD volume, 3D, 6D ... are just some of the names for a special technique for making volume lashes)

The course consists of 3 parts: theoretical part, practice without model and practice on model

Contents of education:

  • Introduction to materials for russian volume
  • Russian volume, what is it and how to do it?
  • Types of extensions for volume technique
  • Different techniques of making beautiful fans
  • Safe use and proper application of volume lashes
  • Adhesive/allergies
  • Marketing and business

Duration of the course is 7-8 hours, it is necessary to have a model and each participant gets a manual with detailed instructions.

After successfully completing the course, the students receive Kallos Academy, internationally recognized certificate. All materials for the course are provided.

Price of the course: 590,00 EUR   with Martina Kallos in Zagreb) 

(Price includes 1 day of education, certificate and material for further work, sufficient for 30 treatments)

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