Henna Brows Course

Henna Brows EducationHenna Brows is a new, exciting eyebrow treatment. 

Henna education is suitable for any beginner, as no experience in the field of eyebrow styling and colouring is required.

The henna brows program includes:

  • All about henna, features, application
  • Indications and contraindications for treatment
  • Color theory and color mixing methods
  • Styling, eyebrow shapes
  • Eyebrow forming methods
  • The use of henna and various effects in the treatment
  • Instructions on how to present henna to the clients and how to incorporate this treatment into your schedule and work with clients. 
  • Marketing. 

The education is done on your own model.

At the end of your education you are ready to work with clients immediately. 
All training materials are provided on the training.

Price of Rducation: 360,00 EUR  

The price includes a complete start kit for further work. The package includes 3 colors, peeling, activator, pen, thread, brush, cup and manual.

All Kallos students have the privileges and full support of our team in continuing their business. Entering Kallos gives you long-term discounts and access to the latest trends and and information.

After successfully completing the education, the students receive internationally recognized Kallos Academy certificates.