Dates: by agreement

Microneedling education at Kallos Academy is performed with Mesoestetic products according to medical protocol.

This treatment provides outstanding results in the treatment of scars, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dehydrated skin, weakened tone. There is a wide spectrum of effects and benefits of microneedling, but it is very important that the treatment is performed in a strictly controlled environment and in highly hygienic conditions. Profile yourself as a highly educated beauty technician who provides his clients with effective, luxurious skin care and renewal. At our training, each student will gain knowledge on how to successfully perform treatments and achieve excellent results on their clients.

The education price includes a DERMAPEN (K PEN) microneedling device and 6 needles that each student receives for work.

The education price does NOT include cosmetics or products (cocktails, boosters, masks...)

You can buy a package of basic MESOESTETIC products for this treatment, which covers all skin types, at a reduced price. The recommended price of treatment in salons is 100 - 132.72 EUR. After completing the education, you enter the database of Mesoestetic clients (where there are also reputable polyclinics and medical institutions), and you can contact Mesoestetic logistics for any advice on additional cosmetics.

1. Skin. Dermatology.
2. Microneedling.
3. Products and equipment.
4. Treatment procedure and results
5. Hygiene standards.
6. Recommendation of products for salon work and for home care of clients.

Total Price: 400.00 EUR 
An advance payment is required to reserve a place on the course.

In addition to cash and transactional payments, the education can be paid in installments in 6 installments, with a Visa PBZ card.

Education starts at 10:00. Model by agreement.