Kallos Basic Education

The course consists of 3 parts: theoretical part, practice without model and work on model. Basic education is the first step to the world of eyelash extensions.

Content of the course:
• Products introduction, characteristics and best way to use them.
• Workplace preparation and tool preparation.
• Classic technique-why and how?
• Proper application, correct way to hold the tweezers, and safe use of individual extensions.
• Eyelash extensions-type curles, thicknesses and lengths
• Lash styling, lash mapping
• Adhesive/problems/allergies
• Marketing
Duration of course is 7-8 hours, it is necessary to have own model and each student gets a manual with detailed instructions and material starter kit.

After successfully completing the education, students get internationally recognized Kallos Academy certificate.

Price: 590,00 EUR  (with Martina Kallos in Zagreb)

*the price includes 1 day of education, certificate and material for further work sufficient for 30 treatments

Reservation & Booking
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Kallos Volume EdukacijaRUSSIAN VOLUME COURSE, 2D-6D techniques

After mastering the classic technique, after the application 1: 1 does not present any problem anymore, you are ready for the course of the Russian volume (Hd volume, XD volume, 3D, 6D ... are just some of the names for a special technique for making volume lashes)

The course consists of 3 parts: theoretical part, practice without model and practice on model

Contents of education:

  • Introduction to materials for russian volume
  • Russian volume, what is it and how to do it?
  • Types of extensions for volume technique
  • Different techniques of making beautiful fans
  • Safe use and proper application of volume lashes
  • Adhesive/allergies
  • Marketing and business

Duration of the course is 7-8 hours, it is necessary to have a model and each participant gets a manual with detailed instructions.

After successfully completing the course, the students receive Kallos Academy, internationally recognized certificate. All materials for the course are provided.

Price of the course: 590,00 EUR   with Martina Kallos in Zagreb) 

(Price includes 1 day of education, certificate and material for further work, sufficient for 30 treatments)

Info & Reservation

email: info@kallosprolashcollection.com 

LASH & BROW LIFT ( 3 U 1 )

Kallos Lash Lift Education

Lash & Brow lift & Lamination & 3d Filler

This simple WORKSHOP is very popular and does not require any previous experience working with lashes and results are visible immediately.

Lash lift is a treatment that can be offered to almost every client. We added tinting lashes (and bottom lashes top) and popular 3d filler that makes the natural lashes strong and FULL.

As a BONUS to the course, we added BROW lamination. 

Work on the model.

Small groups.

Price: 490,00 EUR* 

* Price also includes Start Package of Lash Lift

Rezervation & Booking 

email: info@kallosprolashcollection.com 

tel: +385-1-5601-159 


Kallos Lash Academy Expert Course

Advanced Russian Volume Technique (Condition for this course is Completed Volume Course).

If you are already experienced in volume technique, but need more training, an expert course is the right choice!

Expert knowledge of simple volume is REQUIRED.

We are requiring for experience in volume for at least a year.

The course consists of 3 parts: Theoretical part, hands on practice and model work.

Content of the course: 

  • Expert eyelash extension technique application
  • All the secrets of adhesives, and proper and safe use, allergies and problems.
  • Expert creation techniques
  • Wow effect-layering
  • Feathering
  • Volume calculation
  • "Lash gaps"
  • Marketing 
  • "Traps" in business
  • How to optimize your business

It is recommended that you bring your tweezers to this course. Each student receives a mini start kit of materials.

The duration of the course is 8-9 hours, it is necessary to have a model and each student receives a manual with detailed instructions.

All material is provided on the course and our students are becoming members of Kallos Lash Academy. All Kallos students have the privileges and full support of our team in continuing their business. Entering Kallos gives you long-term discount and access to the latest trends and informations.

After successfully completing the education, the students receive Internationally recognized Kallos Academy certificates.

Course Price: 550,00 EUR 

Educator: Martina Kallos

(price includes 1 day of education, diploma and expert pack of materials)

Info & Booking
email: info@kallosprolashcollection.com 
tel: +385-1-5601-159 


Masterclass dedicated to beginners.

Learn ALL about eyebrows.

It is necessary to secure your 2 models for work on education.

If you are unable to find the model yourself, we can find it for you at a price of 35 EUR per model.

Duration of education : 3 days (work on the model is on the 2nd and 3rd day)

Program : theory, work on latex and work on the model

  • What is PMU?
  • differences in body and face drawing techniques
  • Skin, dermatology
  • Hygiene standards
  • Material and products used in the treatment
  • Preparation
  • Treatment execution process: use of foam, use of needles, angles, technical performance
  • Drawing on the client, symmetry
  • Eyebrow powder techniques
  • Color theory, pigments, Fitzpatrick scale
  • Marketing and tools for market behavior, communication with clients

Education price: EUR 1,490.00  (start package included in the price)

Education INCLUDES a complete start package of materials.
The package includes EVERYTHING for further work:

  • machine (power supply)
  • Pen
  • latex skin for exercise
  • Needles Kallos 0.25 1 RL and 0.30 1 RL
  • The flu
  • Protective bags for the cable (125 pcs.)
  • Eyebrow pigments x 3 pcs
  • Drawing pen
  • Sterile marker with ruler
  • Knife (trimmer)
  • Silicone holder for pigments
  • cups for pigments (100 pcs.)
  • Divider
  • Manual and working materials
  • notebook and pen



Henna Brows EducationHenna Brows is a new, exciting eyebrow treatment. 

Henna education is suitable for any beginner, as no experience in the field of eyebrow styling and colouring is required.

The henna brows program includes:

  • All about henna, features, application
  • Indications and contraindications for treatment
  • Color theory and color mixing methods
  • Styling, eyebrow shapes
  • Eyebrow forming methods
  • The use of henna and various effects in the treatment
  • Instructions on how to present henna to the clients and how to incorporate this treatment into your schedule and work with clients. 
  • Marketing. 

The education is done on your own model.

At the end of your education you are ready to work with clients immediately. 
All training materials are provided on the training.

Price of Rducation: 360,00 EUR  

The price includes a complete start kit for further work. The package includes 3 colors, peeling, activator, pen, thread, brush, cup and manual.

All Kallos students have the privileges and full support of our team in continuing their business. Entering Kallos gives you long-term discounts and access to the latest trends and and information.

After successfully completing the education, the students receive internationally recognized Kallos Academy certificates. 




  • Understanding skin and skin diseases
  • Disinfection, sterilization
  • Types of needles
  • Using different needles
  • Pigmentology
  • Mixing pigments
  • Neutralization
  • Eyebrow mapping
  • "Golden cut"
  • Use of different mapping tools
  • Eyebrow outline
  • Ombre eyebrow effect
  • Various shading and pixelation techniques
  • Correction of work errors
  • Eyebrow care after treatment
  • Work on your own model
  • Presentation of photos on social networks

The training on perfecting the powder technique lasts one day and consists of theory, demonstration work by the educator on the model and your independent work on the model.

This is not an education for beginners and experience in working with the machine is a MUST.

It is necessary to bring your own model to the training.

Education lasts one day.

Price of Education: 600.00 EUR 4.520.70 HRK

For more information and training dates, send an inquiry by email

email : info@kallosprolashcollection.com

phone: +385-1-5601-159