The competition will take place on 27.-28.03.2020.(FRIDAY AND SATURDAY) in centre of Zagreb, Hotel Sheraton

Please, make sure you book your accomodation on time.Organizer is not responsible for accomodation of competitors.

Near hotel , there is a lot of private accomodation, apartments and hostels.All of them you can find on

  1. The competitor must bring his/her own model(organizer do NOT provide models,we have a facebook group for models where you can look for models)) Always pick models with symetrical eyes, with good lashes, but  keep in mind the time is limited and average number of lashes is better than extra full
  2. The organiser will provide all competitors with a bed, chair and disposable paper bed roll. Competitors have to provide their own lamp, materials, pillow, blanket, nanomister, higrometre... (everything what is used while working)
  3. All competitors need to arrive on time schedueled for registration (at least 20-20 minutes before the start), together with their model, where both will receive their numbers of participation
  4. Competitors will have 30 minutes before start to prepare working space, clean model's lashes, apply eye patches, write the lash chart and decide about the lash style.If the competitor starts applying lashes before the start sign is given, the organizer has a right to disqalify that contestant
  5. During the competition, while working, competitors should not leave the competition area without permission, talk loudly, use mobile phones or talk to the other contestants
  6. Before the competition starts, organiser will check model's eyelashes for any damage or redness of the eyes.
  7. During the competition contestants should wear propper clothes with their hair tied back and with protective mask over the face (WE HAVE FLOOR JUDGES WHO CHECK YOUR WORKING PLACE AND HYGIENE)
  8. CLEAR ADHESIVE is allowed ONLY IN COLOUR PLAY CATEGORY.Contestants must work with BLACK ADHESIVE if they are using black or brown lashes
  9. OMBRE lashes are not allowed
  10. FLAT lashes are not allowed
  11. Thickness of lash extensions allowed in CLASSIC category-0.10 mm, 0.12 mm and 0.15 mm
  12. Thickness of lash extensions allowed in VOLUME category-0.05 mm, 0.06 and 0.07 mm                                
  13. After the STOP sign, when the competition time is finished, all contestants must put away their tweezers and stop working.After the STOP sign-it is NOT allowed to apply lashes  or to use the tweezers any more.Contestants have to remove the patches under the eyes and leave the competition area
  14. The patches that were removed from under the eyes, contestant has to apply to the working sheet( the paper that every contestant wil get.) That will affect the number of points for "clean work" criteria
  15. Models have to remain at the competiton area and wait for judges.Every model has to have their participation number arround the neck, working sheet with used undereye patch on it and clean brush and clean pair of undereye patches in their hands.Every judge will have to check the lashes with and without undereye patches and they will use clean brushes.
  16. After judging, every model has to be photoshooted and those photos of lashes might be used in some future publications, newspapers, social networks...
  17. All contestants will receive diplomas and medals and the winners will be awarded by our sponsors.Only first 3 places can be declared as the winners.Also only 1 contestant will get a prize-TOTAL WINNER of the competition.
  18. Dress code for the competition is BLACK so we kindly ask you to show up in black clothes.


All the elements from lash art need to be done only by LASH ARTIST(hair, make up, lashes, ...everything what is used)

The ONLY professional help that CAN be used(and it's ALLOWED) is a PHOTOGRAPHER.

If the organizer finds out, after the competition, that any other professionals were working on the lash art entry, that lash artist will be DISQUALIFIED and, in the case of winning,  will have to return the awards to the organizer.      

Please send 3 photos:

A)open eyes in front of the face(really close and clear shot)

B)closed eyes from lash artists' working position(close shot)

C)artistic photo from any position or angle




Go to our webpage and on the Lash Challenge section register for the categories you want.

After your purchase, send us your certificate with the correct name of the person tht will be competing (name that we will write on your certificate of participation)

If you will bring a guest on the award ceremony, please let us know the name of the guest.

DEADLINE for registration to LIVE competition is 10.MARCH 2020.

(or untill the places are full, because we have LIMITED number of contestants)

DEADLINE for SENDING YOUR WORK for ONLINE competition is 10.MARCH 2020.

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