CE - MAKOR d.o.o. for servicecs and trade,

Trakošćanska street 23, 10360 Sesvete, Croatia;

Owner: Martina Krajinovic Gulsun 

MBS: 081105465

OIB: 47366287988

Identification number: 4747135

Business bank: Erste & Steiermärkische Bank

IBAN: HR8624020061100833341

Account number: 2402006-1100833341

Prducts prices are in all currencies includes VAT. CE- MAKOR d.o.o craft can specify certain on purchases throough the Shop-a( via discount codes) that may be related to a specific time period. Product prices are subject to change by the time of approval of the order. 




 +385-1-5601-159     tel

email info@kallosprolashcollection.com  


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