Founder of Kallos Lash Academy

Martina Krajinovic Gulsun CEO Kallos Lash AcademyBorn 31.8.1982. in Zg, graduated from common  high school and cosmetic beauty school, and graduated at the faculty of Economics.Martina Krajinović Gülsün, the owner of Kallos,patented brand, academy and studio in Zagreb. Martina took a long preparation to work in the beauty industry, and it is no coincidence that Kallos name became very popular among the customers.One of the first lash technicians in Croatia and the only internationally recognized judge/educator/speaker.Not only in Crroatia, her success goes way further, to almost every continent.As an educator, judge and lecturer at conferences, she has visited North America, Mexico, Spain, Holland, Ireland, England, Lithua, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, all the Balkan countries, and by the end of 2019.remains to win Australia and Columbia.Martina has won numerous awards and competitions, and is the organizer of the first lash competition and conference in Croatia.She entered the TOP 5 most inspirational people in the lash industry as a lash artist of 2017 and 2018.she reached out to number 3, as the most inspirational infuencer in the lash industry.2018 started Kallos Pro Lash Collection, a luxurious range of high quality eyelash extensions and gathered a team of educators who will work and follow the Kallos programme.A true 'lash nerd', goes for everything that comes on her mind.Looks strict(but only at first) and a typical Virgo, who has everything under control.Martina is happily married, mother of 2 children.Did we mention that she published a book for lash technitians? Yes, you can buy it in webshop!You must! 

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