Kallos Lash Academy Expert Course

Advanced Russian Volume Techniques (condition is completed volume course)

If you are already experienced in volume technique, but you need to upgrade your knowledge, expert course is the right choice!
The course consists of 3 parts: theoretical part, practice without model and work on model
Educational Content: 

  • 1.Expert technique of lash application
  • 2.All secrets of glue, proper and safe use, allergies and problems
  • 3.Expert fan making technique
  • 4.Wow effect-layering
  • 5.Feathering
  • 6.Volume calculation
  • 7."Lash gaps"
  • 8.Marketing-tips and tricks 

It's recommended to bring your own tweezers to the course and all the materials on the course is provided.The duration of the course is 8-9 hours and it's necessary to have your own model.Each student gets a manual with detailed instructions.After successfully completing the education, every student gets Kallos Lash Academy internationally recognized certificate.

Course price is: 2990,00 HRK

(The price includes 1 day of education, certificate and expert pack of materials.Lunch is included)


email: info@kallosprolashcollection.com 

tel: +385 91-5150-194


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