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10 ml

Savich R5 is a neutral to warm shade, medium brown.

The Savich R line was produced for all women who do not want to wear unwanted tones and the effect of a tattoo on their face over time.

With the Savich Naturals line, there are no more gray and blue eyebrows!

What is the Naturals line of eyebrow pigments?

Naturals is produced in Serbia and the highest quality natural ingredients are selected.

It is characterized by extremely easy flow and penetration into the skin.

Which needles can I use to insert the Naturals line?

Absolutely everyone. From needles 1RL, 3RS, 5RS, 7RS, 7CM, 11CM of any diameter (width).

How much color is required when shading the eyebrows with the Naturals line?

The Naturals line does not contain a single ingredient for a tattoo, so it is necessary to introduce it properly into the skin, i.e. to build the layers properly.

Does the Naturals line penetrate much deeper than other pigments?

Not. It is necessary to enter it correctly, in the right layer of the dermis, not too deep.

If the color develops warmer than that of the pigment, you are going too shallow (it will result in warming over time).

If it is cold and dark - you are too deep. (it will be cold after healing).

For proper color retention - the color will look like in the cap.

Can I mix Naturals with other brands?

Not. Pigments for tattoo/permanent makeup (of the same composition) are produced with a lot of additives that keep them in a liquid state, and also drag them into unwanted tones over time.

Use the Naturals line exclusively on its own.

What post-treatment care do you recommend with the Naturals line?

After the shading treatment, the client does not use care until mild flaking begins, which usually occurs on the 5th day after the treatment. Only then is castor oil and vaseline used.

Will the color be visible immediately after peeling?

That. Absolutely. If you have correctly entered the color in the layers, it will be visible immediately. It takes 28 days for the corrective treatment, during which time the shade on your eyebrows will become more beautiful and warmer.

Why should I choose the Naturals line?

The application of the Naturals line is extremely easy, the colors are safe even for beginners - because they will not develop into unwanted shades, but also for professionals who are very important that their clients refresh their color annually and have no unwanted tones.

All colors that last more than a year and a half are colors that will require laser removal at some point. Anyone who cares about their client will use colors that stay the same.

Can I do microblading or drawing hairs with a machine on the eyebrows with the Naturals line?

Naturals is produced for the most beautiful machine flow, and is phenomenal for hairs, but can be uncomfortable for microblading.

Do Savich pigments undergo laboratory analysis?

Absolutely! Every ingredient we use is pharmaceutical clean and passes controls before production itself, and then, after receiving the finished product, it is tested for quality and placed on the market with health suitability.

Does the Naturals line comply with EU regulations?

Absolutely! From the beginning, we have been guided by the vision of EU regulations and the products are aligned with the latest resolution of pigments for permanent make-up and tattoo.

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    R5 Savich Pigment za Trajnu Šminku - Kallos
    R5 Savich Pigment za Trajnu Šminku | Kallos Pro Lash Collection
    R5 Savich Pigment za Trajnu Šminku | Kallos Pro Lash Collection
    R5 Savich Pigment za Trajnu Šminku | Kallos Pro Lash Collection
    R5 Savich Pigment za Trajnu Šminku - Kallos

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